Hi, I'm Denny!

After a long career in business, I'm now retired.  This site is about what I'm doing today, and what I've done in the past.  Click on any of the items below to see the details.

Contact Me

A bit of history about the business I started in 1985 and ran for nearly 40 years.

I volunteer with SCORE to mentor founders of small businesses and startups, as well as people who have an idea and would like to start a small business.

In 2015 I started writing all about Small Travel Trailers and traveling with them. 

For my first new hobby after moving to Knoxville, I decided to build a model railroad.

In Florida, I used to play in a blues band, but now I'm playing with a group of people who play bluegrass, gospel, some country, and a little light rock.

Something I've been doing since I was in college.