Mentor and Advisor to Founders of Small Business and Startups

After running my own small businesses for over 45 years, I now volunteer with SCORE.  SCORE is a non-profit organization affiliated with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).  The organization was formed in 1964, and has over 10,000 members that provide their time free of charge  to help small companies, startups, and pre-startups.

How Can I Help You?

If you have a small business, are starting one, or even just thinking about it

Business is all about solving problems for customers. To be successful, you must understand the unique challenges that each and every customer faces, and then explain how you have the best solution for them. Your entire team must understand this, and help one another do whatever it takes to meet or exceed each customer’s expectations. To accomplish this, I work on the following items with my clients:

With Startups…

With All Small Businesses…

What Have I Done in the Past?

For more details, please see my profile on LinkedIn

Jonathan Dantes
CEO | PhotoDay

“Every company needs a Denny Johnson! I reached out to Denny about my start-up idea several years ago. He was able to understand the “big picture” and connect the dots. Since then, Denny has been a true friend and a great personal advisor. A remarkable acumen in business matters and delivering value to the customers.”

Dr. Steve O’Dowd, D.M.
President | Park Square Homes

“Having worked with Denny Johnson for over 17 years, I can attest to his integrity and the quality of his product. He listens to the wishes and desires of his client and then produces what the client needs! Denny also provided “on-demand” project management, which was integral to tying our in-house I/T team to the outside programs and interfaces.”

Alan Welsh
CEO | Columbia Data Products

“Working with Denny for the over 30 years has brought an important component to my decision-making process – that of the perfect devil’s advocate. Moving ahead without this step when contemplating a new project would be like trying to chop down a tree with a sledgehammer.”

Clayton Reed
EVP Sales/Ops | Voxeo 

“Denny is one of those rare individuals who is able to produce results no matter what the task. He has a tremendous balance of technical, customer, people, and business skills but best of all he is an outstanding individual with clear values who I would recommend to anyone.” 

Lydia Chicles
CEO | Bold Technologies 

“I have worked with Denny in various capacities. As a consultant, team member and mentor. In all the above roles he has provided guidance without distractions. He has done so in an honorable and authentic manner. His focus on creating the best experience possible, no matter with whom he interacts is both a gift and well honed skill!” 

Ryan Wood
President/CEO 1-2-1 Marketing 

“I’ve worked with, and around Denny for the past 5+ years. He has been a great mentor and sounding board for me and my company. He’s competent, seasoned, and someone I’d highly recommend to anyone seeking help in building their business.” 

Dr. Shan Shanbhag, Ph.D.
Business Development Advisor 

“Denny is an amazing human being with a lot of hands-on knowledge, experience, and expertise. He has managed several small businesses very successfully in his career. Whether you are starting a new business or struggling with your existing business, you should meet with Denny first and seek his advice and input before you proceed.” 

John Martin
President/CEO AdventHealth Credit Union

“Besides being extremely intelligent, Denny is very practical and pragmatic. He first understands what I want, puts himself in my position, and then we discuss options. It is not necessarily the easiest or cutting edge solution; it is what works for me.” 

Ryan Campbell
CIO/CCO | Voxeo 

“The most significant impact that Denny made for Voxeo came from his contributions to establishing a documented culture experience and instilling our core values in every Voxeon. Denny’s vast and true commitment to customer service at SOFTRITE helped instill a passion for customer service in new Voxeons.” 

Eric Kovar
Restaurant Owner | Blackfin 

“Denny has given me great advice and direction on several of my companies and projects. With Blackfin, an upscale seafood restaurant, his guidance helped me and my managers maintain focus on the total customer experience, from the moment the guests arrive on the property until the time they leave.” 

Kathy Harter
Rgn VP/Div President | Lennar 

“Denny really cares about his clients. He is always available when you need him and responds quickly to solve problems that may occur. He takes the time to understand the client’s needs and business, and works well with both technical and non-technical people.” 

Jonathan Taylor
Chairman | Sighthound / PhotoDay / Entrenext Ventures 

“What I like about Denny is his flexibility. His broad background enables him to help with most any task or project in whatever capacity is needed.”  

Customer Obsession
You must create Loyal Customers

It all started with IBM…

I learned how to take care of customers and solve their problems while working for IBM back in the 70s. Since then, I spent most of my career running my own businesses…helping Fortune 500 customers, a host of mid-sized organizations, and several startups. What I’ve learned, is that building customer loyalty requires more than providing quality products and services. The entire organization must really listen to customers and respond to their needs.

My passion: Creating Loyal Customers, not just Satisifed Customers…

Everywhere I go, I pay attention to how customers are treated. With every business person I meet, I try to understand how they and their entire staff view their customers and interact with them. Customer Loyalty depends upon a great Customer Experience, however, a good Customer Experience depends on establishing a good Employee Experience. I firmly believe that my commitment to both our customers and my team over the years explains why my company, SOFTRITE Technology, had customers doing repeat business with us for over 10, 20, and in one case 30 years.

The work of my company and much of my own, focused on the design, development, marketing, sales, and support of business systems and technology. I started SOFTRITE Technology in 1984 and provided technical services to our clients for nearly 40 years.

Time to cut back a bit…

In 2014 I decided to semi-retire. Since that time, I’ve been using what I’ve learned over the years to help other small businesses and startups. I focus on what it takes to produce sales and develop loyal customers. Before moving to Tennessee, I taught classes and mentored clients for SCORE, and also the Tech Startup Community in Orlando. Today, I’m proud to say that I’ve continued my work with SCORE here in Knoxville.

In addition to this page, I encourage you to check out my page about SOFTRITE Technology to see how I’ve been able to help my clients, and see what a few of them think of the experience they had with us. If you think my message resonates with you and I could be of help, please click the link to SCORE below and a request a meeting with me.  Like I mentioned's all free!

– Denny